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How you choose to connect to your merchant account processing network may seem like a simple, perhaps, not even a question to ask point, but the fact is it could be the single most important impacting your customer service.  This article is restricted to retail, face-to-face environments as our topic.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in line and wondered what the hold up.  Then I’ve watched customers get upset, sometimes even leave.  When I get up to the cashier only to find out that their choice of connection methods has cost them, in terms of angry customers, lost revenue, and more.

Let’s start with a few basics.

The old standard is POTS or Plain Old Telephone System or “Land Line” which refers to traditional copper wired phone.  Typically it’s the slowest connection, but it’s also the most reliable connection and least likely to fail.  Funny fact, most credit card terminals are still programmed on “Land Line” because they are so reliable.  Transactions run 6-7 seconds plus “dial time”.  That’s a long time per card swipe now days.  Most people are using this as “rollover” or “backup line” when the Internet lines go down.  That’s a highly recommended method for anyone who doesn’t want downtime.

Don’t confuse “Land Lines” with VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol which looks like a land line phone but is actually just the internet – or so called “Digital Lines”.  Digital Lines don’t work very well with credit card terminals period.  They are not recommended for use at anytime.  If you are using VOIP, then you obviously have an internet connection, you’d be more reliable using that type of connection.

Internet Connections come in a few flavors.  First of all there is “cellular data” such as “LTE” and those work great for low volume mobile phone and tablet readers.   Next, there is “Wi-Fi” which syncs up to your router to provide fast Internet inside your location.  This would be a great option when using a PC, a Mac, or even a Tablet/Phone device that stays inside the “Wi-Fi” zone.  Just make sure you’ve “locked down” your “Wi-Fi” with encryption and passwords.  Transaction times can run at a blazing 1-2 seconds, as long as your device isn’t asleep.


The ultimate connection continues to be a “LAN” or corded Internet connection to your router.  It’s the most reliable and it’s the fastest, plus it’s the most secure.  Transaction times can be as quick as ½ a second.

Contact Merchant Zoom today and we’ll consult with you on your best options.

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