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Reading A Credit Card Processing Statement

It’s not enough to simply read a merchant processing statement; the real goal is to understand what you are reading, where your money is going, and to determine whether your business has competitive credit card processing fees.

The goal of understanding a monthly processing statement is being able to answer the following questions:

  • How much am I paying in base cost?
  • How much am I paying in markups?
  • Can I lower base costs?
  • Is my markup competitive?


Each of these components is crucial to ensuring that you’re paying as little as possible for credit card processing.

Barriers to Understanding Statements

The three main barriers to understanding a merchant processing statement are lack of knowledge, lack of consistency, and lack of transparency.  Not knowing what to look for is the main barrier to understanding a processing statement. Fundamental knowledge of how credit card processing fees work is a prerequisite to deciphering charges on a processing statement.  The layout and structure of statements vary widely among merchant service providers, making for many different formats. Not only does this make it tough to understand charges on individual statements, it makes it tough to learn how to read a statement when tutorials such as this one don’t match your processor’s statement format.  Merchant service statements embody the lack of transparency that is a major systemic issue in the credit card processing industry. Tiered pricing (also called “bundled pricing”) makes it possible for processors to completely conceal base processing charges.

We offer statement analysis for free. We are going to need you to send us 1 month’s complete previous processing statement.  We’ll email you a detailed analysis that shows exactly how much we can save your merchant. Turnaround on these is typically 24 – 48 hours.

Please make sure the statement is no more than 3 month’s old. Thank you!

  • Check to see if you have attached every page of the monthly statement.
  • Make sure every page of the statement is legible.
  • Make sure the total Visa, MC, and Discover processing volume is over $1,000 for the month.




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