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Millennials – Reaching Them

Ah…politics…picky consumers….things keep changing….they always have folks.  They always have.  Fact is they will always change.  Right now we see big box retailers suffering huge painful deaths, while, the brands they built, such as “Sears’ Craftsman” get sold off to competitors like “Black and Decker”.  Sounds ominous for us little retailers, but facts couldn’t be further from the truth.

Little business on “Main Street America” is up 2.9% and building out in strip malls all over America at a frantic pace.  Consumers or should I say “Millennials” are just tired of their parent’s old brand and old marketing techniques and same old products.  JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears, oh my…a staple of the “Millennials” parents don’t look like they are going to make it.   They aren’t adapting well.

Even Wal-Mart is succumbing to fact that eBay and Amazon has changed the world and is offering free 3 day shipping direct to your home.  Big restaurant chains are in similar positions.  Yet, everyday we see another small company open another small restaurant and the “Millennials” flock to it like a moth to light.

Cybersecurity which used to threaten “small business” seems to target mostly large business.  No one really cares about cyber currencies like “bit coin” .  Millennials aren’t going to give their money to big box restaurants and retailers.    At least, not unless there is no other option.  Don’t take this as  “who gives a damn” attitude.  Millennials have money, they are technically savvy, and they are demanding.  They understand the value in a marketplace and demand it.

If you are a small business.  You better take their form of payment the way they choose, from standard credit and debit to mobile phone payments.  You had also consider omni-commerce and social media marketing over traditional methods.  This generation tends to listen to the radio and watch TV less than any generation before it.  Millennials will talk to you.  Ask them – how to you find a “restaurant” like mine?  Etc. Etc. …. They will tell you….if you ask and choose to listen….if you don’t, that’s fine, understand, Millennials aren’t going to complain about it when you find yourself selling off your “assets” …. They will have already moved on to whoever is interested in speaking directly to them….

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